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Austin Area Energy Efficiency Services

Energy Efficiency Improvement More >
BrightLeaf will contract a third party, City of Austin approved, Energy Auditor to assess your home or business. This insures that you receive an objective audit and a prescription for improving your properties overall energy efficiency and performance. Once completed, we will evaluate the report with you, reviewing results and addressing any questions you may have. BrightLeaf will educate and assist you in securing the maximum financial benefit from the available local, state and federal rebates and tax credits. One problem we often hear of, is the relative ease in finding someone to do an audit, but the difficulty in hiring a company to perform the necessary repairs identified in the audit .... (read more)

Residential & Commerical Solar More >
Today, solar modules supply electricity to more than 1 million homes worldwide. Choosing BrightLeaf for your Solar PV installation, means having peace of mind. BrightLeaf customers have the added confidence that comes with knowing an experienced Green builder and master electrician are responsible for the installation. Warren and Greg are both approved partners with Austin Energy’s Solar Rebate Program and have met the qualifications to integrate your new Solar PV equipment into the electrical grid. The advantages of photovoltaic technology (solar panels) are numerous...(read more)

Rainwater Harvesting More >
Not a new technology, just forgotten. As recently as 70 years ago, catching rainwater for potable (drinking water) use was commonplace throughout Texas and the rest of the U.S. Many older homes still have cisterns buried in the backyard from which past homeowners drew their water. BrightLeaf designs and installs rainwater catchment systems of all sizes, for both potable and non-potable uses . You may only want rainwater as an irrigation source for saving money on purchased water while improving the vitality of your plants and livestock. Maybe you just want the best quality water available for you and your families personal use...(read more)